Submat Pipeform is a flexible concrete mattress designed as a stabilisation and protection system for all marine pipework, cables and umbilicals.

Submat Pipeform has been developed as an alternative to the multi-flexible type concrete mattress, where flexibility is specified by the client or is primarily required as being parallel only to the axis of the pipeline.

  • Pipeform is particularly suited for pipeline stabilisation or pipeline cover
  • Pipeform consists of high strength reinforced concrete logs linked together with appropriate strength polypropylene ropes which combine to offer a protective concrete blanket with a high degree of flexibility parallel to the protected pipeline
  • Pipeform can be installed with a simple quick release installation beam / frame which can be provided as an integral part of the order
  • Pipeform can be manufactured in various sizes / thicknesses and conforms to the requirements of BS 8110 ‘The Structural Use of Concrete’