Developed and patented by Submat in 1971, the Submat Bitumen Mattress is the original subsea pipeline stabilisation/protection mattress and is synonymous with the business of subsea pipeline stabilisation/protection.

The Submat Bitumen Mattress has been deployed on numerous projects throughout the world up to the present time, and remains today a proven cost effective solution to many applications associated with subsea pipeline technology.

The Submat Bitumen Mattress consists of a durable canvas envelope with a non woven geotextile outer liner (c/w integral lifting slings) which is filled with a dense suitably reinforced bitu-mastic filler material, all of which combine to produce a flexible mattress that is suited for dealing with all pipeline support, stabilisation and protection requirements. A Submat Bitumen Mattress in its solid form retains a flexible nature even in the coldest operational conditions which enables the mattress to respond to ever changing seabed conditions which are particularly attributed to the problems of scour.