SLP Projects, Submat, Precast, Colourtone & Asia

Providing innovative and low cost solutions: SLP Projects, Submat, Precast, Colourtone and Asia are able to provide your business with a wide range of products and services. We are committed to ensuring our products are produced and delivered safely, on time and to the highest quality.

SLP Projects has over 40 years experience of working with Clients on an international basis. Sea & Land Projects Limited provides innovative and lowest cost solutions to all major Subsea Contractors.
SLP Submat is aimed at meeting the special requirements associated with the installation of offshore oil and gas pipelines/structures and their related works.
SLP Precast manufactures bespoke precast concrete products. Recent projects include the production of concrete revetments and wave walls for sea defences at Blackpool and Cleveleys. SLP Precast is unique amongst manufacturers and is committed to bringing the manufacturing base to the end user’s site.
SLP Colourtone produces a unique water reducing, workability enhancing admixture package for superior integrally coloured concrete and mortar. SLP Colourtone Integral Colour is suitable for all types of concrete and mortar and is available in a wide range of colours.
Sea and Land Project Consultants is an independent engineering consultancy that has been formed from the London based engineering team that was SLP Engineering Limited.